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STUDY AND WORK is a unique internship and recruitment agency that has successfully tapped into the skills of students and graduates to meet the staffing needs of Australian employers, cost-effectively and efficiently.

Since 2007, we have been helping thousands of students and graduates secure career outcomes that were previously unattainable through their own efforts. Our career management and recruitment programs offer aspiring graduates a rare opportunity to facilitate their transition from study to a successful career. While most recruitment agencies say NO to job applications from inexperienced candidates, we say WHY NOT? We and our valued clients go by the “Hire for Attitude, Train for Skills” philosophy. Raw Talent + Awesome Attitude, in a new staff, usually prove to be a more dynamic attribute combination than Highly Experienced + Attitude Problem.

We believe that we provide the best career advice and job placement services to our candidates, to help them enter the job market. We make sure that they always get the best out of the opportunity we facilitate for them, resulting in multitudes of success stories.

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